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I realize that is the fastest and easiest way for me and my team to stay up to date with the latest in Personal Training, rehabilitation, treatment and injury prevention strategies.

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  • By taking quick action today, my membership is locked at today's rate, renewable each month and will stay at this low rate for as long as I remain a member.
  • I can cancel anytime and once my payment is processed, I will have instant access to all thePTprofessor videos, protocols and materials during my active membership.
  • Once I join I will receive an email with information about and details of how to claim my FREE 1 month membership to Terry Kane's Orthopaedic protocols website.
  • On the next page, I simply enter my contact information with a desired username and password I will use to login. I will then be redirected to the secure payment processing page. Major credit cards accepted.
    IMPORTANT for gym and studio owners we suggest that when you join, make your username the name of your actual studio or business - this will help your team keep track of their viewing diaries easier.
    Eg: If your gym or studio is called XYZ Fitness - use XYZFitness - as your username.
  • program is set up on a "Number of Users" basis so the membership you require depends on how many professionals will be accessing the system. There are currently FOUR licence options for program these are:
  • 1 User Licence AUS $39 per Month - Basic Access This is our basic entry level licence and does not include the more advanced Exercise Rehabilitation and Injury Assessment sessions but is a good starting point for beginning trainers or those on a tight budget. It is ideal for single or franchised trainers and students giving you access to the basic session in the program. JOIN: Single User Limited Access
    1-3 User Licence AUS $69 per Month - Full Access This is our full access licence and it is ideal for personal trainers, franchised trainers operating in a larger commercial gym, students and trainers operating in small studios with 1-3 total team members. This licence enables you and 2 other trainers to log in from your work or home computer at the same time without being locked out of the system. JOIN: 1-3 User Full Access
    4-10 User Licence AUS $139 per Month This licence is suitable for larger studios where multiple trainers will be logging into the system. It enables you and your team to log in from your work computer and their home computers without being locked out of the system. JOIN: 4-10 User Full Access
    11-20 User Licence AUS $249 per Month This licence is for larger health centres with multiple sites or a very large team of health professionals in the same location. All team members can access the system from work and home at the same time without being locked out of the system. JOIN: 11-20 User Full Access
    If you have more than 20 users please submit a support ticket at:

    In this ticket please state your details, centre number and number of users required - we will contact you directly to discuss your requirements.

    NOTE Usage and login number is accurately recorded and reported inside our software exceeding your permitted login number will result in you being locked out of the system and your membership suspended.

  • My satisfaction is guaranteed for 30 days. If I'm not fully satisfied for whatever reason, within 30 days following the date of purchase I can easily cancel my membership and ask for a refund. team will immediately deactivate my access and promptly process my refund for me, no questions asked. (Applicable to first-time purchases of this product only.)
  • Should I wish to claim a refund, I simply complete a support ticket at and my refund will be processed within 24 business hours.
  • Exceeding the permitted user number will lead to my membership being terminated and my access suspended.

If you have any questions or have trouble completing your sign up, please submit a support ticket to us at:

VISA, MasterCard, Amex accepted